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Sun City Girls – Tell Me Something Good

Wanna hear a raucous, absurd Rock cover of a Rufus and Chaka Khan song? Well look no further than this cover from Sun City Girls 1986 LP/Cassette ‘Midnight Cowboys From Ipanema’.


The The – Harbour Lights

Lesser known track that was the B-Side to the 1986 single ‘Slow Train To Dawn’. This has all of the classic hallmarks of a Johnson track, and will hit that sweet spot for those that know.

Butthole Surfers – Whirling Hall Of Knives

Well, what a title! And, that guitar sound is just endless bliss. One from their 1986 album ‘Rembrandt Pussyhorse’.

News From Babel – Who Will Accuse

On News From Babel’s second album,1986’s ‘Letters Home’, they enlist the help of the one and only Robert Wyatt, who lends his inimitable style to a track which ranges from melancholic to skittery in a rather short space of time.

Chrystal Belle Scrodd – Split And Well Hung

A track from the 1986 compilation ‘Ohrensausen’ (with the likes of Nurse With Wound, Coil, H.N.A.S, and Smegma; where Diana Rogerson plays around with the lyrics to songs like ‘That Old Black Magic’ and mangles them along with the disjointed music. Her voice goes from sultry to terrifying; something people familiar with her work with Nurse With Wound will recognise. Fantastic, as ever.

Big Black – Bazooka Joe

“The Joe man is back”.

Arthur Russell – Let’s Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)

Some excellent alt-Electro moves from Arthur and Walter circa 1986. You know the drill.

Cassiber – Orphee’s Mirror/I Tried To Reach You

Two tracks from Cassiber’s 1986 album ‘Perfect Worlds’. The first one shows drummer and ReR-man Chris Cutler doing his octopus thing in amongst sampledelia and mashed up noise. The second track has singer Christoph Anders belting out a number in such an OTT fashion, it beggars belief.

Coil – Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)

This haunting song, which is essentially a lament, seems appropriate at this point in time. Haunting, mournful folk with flecks of chamber music. Truly, albeit starkly, beautiful. This is from the bands second album, 1986’s ‘Horse Rotorvator”.

The Residents – Earth vs The Flying Saucers

Around the mid 80’s The Residents had an idea of restoring sci-fi B movies by colouring them and doing a brand new soundtrack. They even checked out an old Porno cinema in Frisco with a notion of buying it in order to screen these restorations. Like many of their early ideas (Vileness Fats is the example that leaps immediately to mind), ambition exceeded ability; or at least ‘do-ability’. The idea was scrapped (they probably would have lost interest in it anyway), and all we have to show for it is a montage of the 1956 movie ‘Earth vs the Flying Saucers’ that has had colour added and, of course, music made by the fab four themselves accompanying the montage. This ended up being released with the first edition of the Cryptic Guide To The Residents.

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