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Sun Ra – Mistery Mr Ra (Live in Paris 1983)

The wonderful Sun Ra performs with his Arkestra in Paris, 1983, and all of the wonderful elements that makes Sun Ra so compelling are on full display here.


Renaldo & the Loaf – Feral Nelda Steals The Show

Wonderful outtake from the Arabic Yodelling album (1983), to be found on the reissues + extra material titled ‘Arabic Yodelling + Grain By Grain (For Accuracy)’. An essential purchase if you’re a fan of this sensational Portsmouth duo.

Renaldo & the Loaf – Vitamin Song

After the first 2 albums of distilled, pure lysergic madness, the Portsmouth duo started crafting beautifully haunting songs which culminated in the wonderful 1983 album ‘Arabic Yodelling’; this being one of them.

Danielle Dax – The Wheeled Wagon

A journey into the interzone from Dax’s 1983 album ‘Pop-Eyes’.

Kalahari Surfers – Free State Fence

The 80s saw the arrival of an avant-garde outfit operating out of a South Africa which was still under Apartheid.
Warrick Sony, using various aliases to give the illusion that the Surfers were a collective, brought influences such as The Residents, Henry Cow, Can, Faust, and This Heat together with some real African touches. Their early stuff was great, especially the first two albums ‘Own Affairs’ and ‘Living In The Heart Of The Beast’.
This track is the opener from ‘Own Affairs’ (1983).

Frank Zappa – Tink Walks Amok

Like a tiny cartoon Alien pinballing all over the place, off of Frank’s 1983 album ‘The Man From Utopia’.

The The – Dumb As Death’s Head

A track from Matt’s ‘Soul Mining’ era that was given away on a free flexi disc given away with Melody Maker. A great song that ended up on the ‘Early Rarities’ compilation; a compilation that is chock-full of many, many great songs.

The Birthday Party – Live in Minneapolis, April 6th, 1983.

A whole Birthday party gig captured on film. Enjoy.

Danielle Dax – Bed Caves

Entering the interzone with Danielle; off of her 1983 album ‘Pop-Eyes’

Danielle Dax – Cutting The Last Sheaf

Creepy avant-folk from Dax’s 1983 album ‘Pop-Eyes’.

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