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Renaldo & the Loaf – Absence

Strangely beautiful oddball music from Portsmouth’s finest. This is from their debut album (or debut 0.1 seeing as this was from the vinyl Ralph release that differed from their self-released cassette) that was a stunning piece of work with incredible tape loops and use of the home studio (which was a far more impressive feat in the late 70’s compared to these days). This track has eerie sax and clanking percussion bolstering a song about business trips and caraway cake.


Chrome – TV As Eyes

Like The Stooges on steroids (is that an homage in the song title?), with the band all racing, metallic Garage punk, before the whole thing breaks down into a lysergic, Sci-Fi dystopian nightmare. From the bands super lauded 1979 album ‘Half machine Lip Moves’.

Wire – A Mutual Friend

This smouldering Post Punk number from Wire is just astounding, as is the whole of the ‘154’ album. A total masterpiece.

Parliament – Big Bang Theory

We pay tribute to Stephen Hawkins’ union with the cosmos; 1979’s ‘GloryHallaStoopid (Pin The Tale On The Funky)’ by P-Funk kings Parliament.

L.Voag – The Way Out

Boogie on down to the mutated Doo Wop grooves of L.Voag from his 1979 album of the same name.

The Residents – The Walrus Hunt

The opening track from the fab four’s 1979 album ‘Eskimo’ has everyone’s favourite eyeballs hunting for Walrus. Icy winds and chants ahoy; apt for those of us in the UK who ought to be on the lookout for Walruses as well.

The Residents – Arctic Hysteria

Chilly stuff from the Eyeballs classic 1979 album ‘Eskimo’.

Talking Heads – Cities (Alternate Version)

A different version of the track that appeared on their 1979 album ‘Fear of Music’. It’s a good ‘un!

L.Voag – Kitchen

Utensils and white goods are fetishised in this track from ex-Homosexuals member L.Voag’s 1979 album ‘The Way Out’. This was covered by Drew Daniels via his The Soft Pink Truth project.

The Raincoats – Lola

The raincoats cover ‘Lola’ by The Kinks in the style of Cavewomen; from their self-titled 1979 debut album.

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