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The Stranglers – Shah Shah a Go Go

From the band’s 1979 album ‘The Raven’; which, whilst solid, isn’t up there with the previous years ‘Black & White’, which is one of the real New Wave/Post Punk classics. However, tracks such as this see the band in top form. The track opens with the call to prayer, before they kick in with a synth sound that predicted so much of what would come during the next few years in both the New Wave, Indie, and Pop scene. Then that sharp, angular UK Post Punk sound that launched so many careers. Fantastic song!


Throbbing Gristle – Exotica

Short, eerie track from the bands 1979 album ’20 Jazz Funk Greats’.

Throbbing Gristle – Beachy Head

Another doozy from TG’s wonderful ’20 Jazz Funk Greats’ album (1979). If anyone reading this has been to Beachy head (the infamous suicide hot spot), they’ll know that this music fits the atmosphere perfectly.

L.Voag – Living Room

Jim Welton, former bassist with The Homosexuals, was an incredibly busy man after his stint with the aforementioned Punk outfit. He formed several bands and released a wealth of material afterwards. However, he recorded and released what is possibly his greatest work between albums for The Homosexuals. The album was ‘The Way Out’ from 1979, and the moniker he used for this project was L.Voag. This album, all with tracks named after different rooms in a house, seems to follow its own perverse logic; rendering ‘New Wave’ and ‘Post-Punk’ as abstract as fellow UK act This Heat managed to. This track goes heavy on the delay pedal whilst the drums and guitar tap into the Rock ‘n’ Roll station.

Anthony Moore – Twilight

There are hints of Terry Riley on this piece by Slapp Happy’s Anthony Moore; from his 1979 album ‘Flying Doesn’t Help’.

Joy Division – Peel Session 1979


1. Love Will Tear Us Apart (0:07)

2. 24 Hours (3:32)

3. Colony (7:42)

4. Sound Of Music (11:47)

Gang Of Four – Return The Gift

Punk Funk from the Leeds outfits 1979 album ‘Entertainment’. This is clearly the band that Franz Ferdinand rubbed themselves off to.

Art Bears – Three Wheels

The final track from the bands 1979 album ‘Winter Songs’ ; an album composed by Fred Frith around the texts written by Chris Cutler. Cutler based these texts on carvings on Amiens Cathedral, found in the north of France. The album is austere, heavy in mood (some could say gloomy, but don’t let that put you off), and militantly outré. the final track is lush when contrasted with some of the albums earlier tracks, and spins out into the void with exquisite use of backwards tape loops and Dagmar Krause’s chilling vocals.

Wire – Blessed State

Pure magic from Wire’s incredible 1979 album ‘154’.

Chrome – March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clamey Bombing)

Chrome, the 70s underground outfit from San Francisco; who many could argue are still very much an underrated outfit. Made up of the duo Damon Edge (a serious agoraphobic) and Helios Creed, they made music that was like Industrial psychedelia with a real No Wave/Post Punk feel to it. There was a high level of quality to their recorded output during the classic phase of Edge and Creed. The later material by Edge alone really started to deteriorate in quality, though the band were resurrected by Creed again (Edge was sadly found dead in 1995), and can still deliver some punishing Space Rock
This track, from their 1979 album ‘Half Machine Lip Moves’,  is like an industrial, metallic Stooges. Yes, it’s really as good as that description would suggest.

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