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The Velvet Underground – The Gift

The second track off of the Velvets masterpiece, 1968’s ‘White Light/White Heat’, has John Cale telling the story of hopeless nice guy Waldo Jeffers in the left speaker, whilst chunky, tough Garage Rock/Punk steamrollers out of the right speaker.


Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band – Electricity (Cannes Live 1968)

Don and His Magic Band (who truly live up to their name here) juggle fiery demon blues and witchy Americana; managing to keep all the volatile ingredients in place and delivering grooves and thangs. Also, was nice to see this song referenced in Twin Peaks: the Return. Did anyone notice?

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Sand

A classic from the duo’s 1968 album ‘Nancy & Lee’. Neubauten also covered; seek it out.

Sun Ra – Yucatan I

Restrained piece from Ra’s 1968 album ‘Atlantis’. This track is a very minimal setup consisting of log drums and Hohner Clavinet; and that’s pretty much it. Minimal setup, maximum effect.

Soft Machine – Hope For Happiness

Happy 70th Birthday Robert Wyatt; The Sentinel wishes you the best.

Amon Düül – Ein Wunderhübsches Mädchen Träumt von Sandosa

The original Amon Düül may have been a ramshackle hippy collective, and the music may be even more ramshackle than one would expect knowing this about the band, but they managed to make music that was pure get-on-your-knees-and-fucking-pray. This opening colossus from their ‘debut’* album ‘Psychedelic Underground’ certainly falls into that description.

*all of their first three albums were recorded over one long weekend trip and jam session.

The Mothers Of Invention – Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution

Wonderful track from their 1968 album ‘Uncle Meat’ that sounds like it is disintegrating and reforming throughout. Anyone familiar with Faust’s ‘The Faust Tapes’ will realise that the German band were doing something very similar to this on the early half of the 2nd side of the album; and seemed heavily influenced by The Mothers throughout their career. Dig!

Terry Riley – You’re No Good

Savage Plunderphonics from Terry Riley, as he messes with The Harvey Averne Dozen’s ‘You’re No Good’ in 1968.  Bursts of heavy proto-synth  oscillation pepper a track where 2 reel to reel tape machines move in and out of sync. Add into the mix ring modulation, tape delay and echo, and you’re in for a de-stabilising treat.

Silver Apples – Lovefingers

The legendary Silver Apples. Still amazing that this stuff is from 1968; so far ahead of it’s time, and totally in tune with what was starting up in Germany at the same period.

The Mothers Of Invention – Live in London 1968

The classic Mothers line up at the BBC studios in 1968 doing what they did best. Dig the rendition of ‘King Kong’.

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