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Excepter – Rock Stepper

Wonky and stunted Electronica skank from New York’s Excepter; this is from their 2006 album ‘Alternation’. This typically garish video was directed by Frank Macias.


Liars – Broken Witch

This was such a perfect opener for the bands 2004 album about Witchcraft upon the Brocken (Mountain) during German Walpurgis Nacht; titled ‘We Were wrong, So We Drowned’. The sound os a band who have ingested too many mushrooms and have wandered into the deep, dark parts of the forest.

Liars – There’s Always Room On The Broom

Some scuzzy Punk-Funk from ‘They Were Wrong, So We Drowned’, the bands 2004 album about Witchcraft upon the Brocken (Mountain) during German Walpurgis Nacht.

Black Dice – Things Will Never Be The Same

Black Dice’s 2003 magnum opus ‘Beaches & Canyons” is, as the title suggests, the Brooklyn acts ode to the Californian beach’s; a kind of ‘Surf’s Up’ as played through the looking glass. This track is that moment a huge black cloud passes over the sun, throwing the sand and water into shadow. Or perhaps it’s a massive, dark green wave that wipes out a surfer? A gloomy moment on an extremely far out, yet colourful album.

Black Dice – Snarly Yow

The opener from the bands 2005 album ‘Broken Ear Record’ set out the stall for their new direction post-drummer; which means busted, whacked out Electro on a serious dose of Psilocybin. Wonder at the mashed-ness of it all.

Animal Collective – Another White Singer

Sometimes it’s hard to remember when Animal Collective were experimental, and this Residents=like track from their second album, 2001’s ‘Danse Manatee’ is a strong reminder. It’s recommended that one checks out the rest of the album if this tickles your fancy, as the band throw up shapes resembling everything from primitive Techno, through This Heat, to their friends and fellow travellers Black Dice. This was back when they felt as vital as the rest of the Brooklyn noughties scene.

Liars – Drum And The Uncomfortable Can

Another number from this New York bands classic 2005 album ‘Drums Not Dead’. There were many comparisons to This Heat when this album came out, which was understandable (especially when keeping the Uk bands ‘Deceit’ album in mind). However, this isn’t a cheap rip-off, and this fiery avant-rock album (very well represented by this track) picks up the baton handed to them by countless legends from the past, such as Faust, Beefheart, Can, The Residents et al. Enjoy.

Liars – Let’s Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack

Gnarly 00’s Avant-Rock from New York’s Liars. This is from their 2005 masterpiece ‘Drum’s Not Dead’; an album that is up there with Black Dice’s ‘Beaches & Canyons’ as an example of noughties outré Rock music at its finest.


Black Dice – Miles Of Smiles

Field recordings meet the Dice’s noise boxes from this 2004 EP on Fat Cat records. This was back in the day when one didn’t quite know what to expect from Black Dice; apart from the fact that the music would be heavy duty lysergic sonics. Distorted marching bands and crickets abound on this 13 minute piece. See also the other track from the EP titled ‘Trip Dude Delay’, found elsewhere on The Sentinel.

Liars – They Don’t Want Your Corn, They Want Your Kids

After the Nu-No-Wave Punk-Funk of 2001’s ‘They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top’, Liars came back with a(kind of) concept album about the Witch trails in the Harz mountains of Northern Germany titled ‘They Were Wrong, So We Drowned’ (2004). For this, the band got murkier and Witchier; taking the music into gloomier Avant-Rock and Psych realms. However, with this track the Punk-Funk of yesteryear is still on display, with the band sounding like a ramshackle, nastier LCD Soundsystem. The album wasn’t as well received as the previous effort, and sold poorly, which is a shame as it’s a great entry into the 00’s New York Avant-Rock explosion. The following album, 2005’s ‘Drums Not Dead’ was a much more successful album, and still their best.

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