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Adam & The Ants – Digital Tenderness

Before he became a pirate seduced by Top of the Pops and its shallow pools of success, Stuart Goddard a.k.a Adam Ant fronted a Post-Punk/New Wave band that created one of the best British albums in that ‘genre’ (please go easy on me). 1979’s ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ is up there with ‘Cut’, ‘Unknown Pleasures’, ‘Public Image: First Issue’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Dragnet’, and other such gems. Angular guitars, scratchy punk-funk, UK colloquialisms, all bustling for space on an album bursting with ideas; which makes his next move even more tragic than it was. Painfully underrated, most likely, and at least partially, due to the pantomime that followed.


Henry Cow – Deluge

Scattered, splurges of sparse free Jazz stylings with a hint of chamber music from the UK’s Henry Cow. This is from the brilliant 1974 album ‘Unrest’, which is a dark and austere take on the Canterbury sound.

Paul Schütze – Always Past

A track from his compilation album ‘Green Evil (Stray Particles 1982-1996)’; and it sounds like it was earlier work (80’s, at a guess). Jazzy, Ambient electronic music with a groove that hadn’t quite landed fully in the 4th world interzone at this point. Good stuff.

Cop Shoot Cop – Disconnected 666

Sound piece from a band who usually do the brutal, Industrial Rock ‘n’ Roll one would associate with Foetus, Birthday Party, et al. From their 1990 debut ‘Consumer Revolt’.

Nurse With Wound – Brained (Unconscious Mix)

Nurse With Wound’s crazed, demented, tripped out cover version of “Cottonwoodhill” by Brainticket get a zonked out mix. It starts with Jim Foetus’ vocals cutting through the fog, and eventually the listener gets thrown into occasional bursts of the maelstrom of the original version; then back into the voidy, bleached alternative. Dig.

The Fall – Peel Session 1978


1. Rebellious Juke Box (0:33)

2. Mother Sister (4:22)

3. Industrial Estate (7:33)

4. Futures And Pasts (9:28)

Ultramarine – Lights In My Brain

Canterbury lovin’ Ambient Techno act sample some Soft machine for a track from their classic 1991 album ‘Every Man And Woman Is A Star’. Nostalgia for those that were there.

Autechre – Chatter

Some Acid Electro from Autechre in their early days; off of the Warp compilation ‘Artificial Intelligence II’ (1994).

A Bad Diana – Behind The Curtain Of The Sun

When Diana Rogerson came out with her ‘A Bad Diana’ project in 2007 (with the sole album ‘The Lights Are On But No-One’s Home’), it was glorious news for those Nurse With Wound fans that feel that Rogerson was always one of the most compelling elements of an incredible project (that luckily shows no signs of slowing down). Rogerson had already given us 2 incredible ‘solo’ works in the past with her Chrystal Belle Scrodd persona, but that was many years before A Bad Diana, and it could be said that this album was more than long overdue. Luckily it didn’t disappoint, and echoed the trajectory of her husband’s NWW, with the work becoming less demented and more spaced out (though eerily so). This track has Diana singing into a void of drones and chirping crickets. Minimal, simple; yet vast and majestic; here’s hoping for more from this mercurial, and fierce talent over the coming years.

LFO – Simon From Sydney

Crisp, cubic Electro from the Leeds Techno duo’s absolute classic album, 1991’s ‘Frequencies’. Stunning stuff from 2 guys and their hardware from back in the day.

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