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Snakefinger – Jesus Was A Leprechaun

Lo-Fi Avant-Rock and demented riffs ahoy from Philip Lithman and The Residents; from his 1979 debut (as Snakefinger) ‘Chewing Hides The Sound’.


The Residents – The Coming of the Crow

Fred Frith and Chris Cutler guest on the track from The Residents 1980 classic ‘The Commercial Album’. This was around the time that Cutler and Frith were making music together, along with Dagmar Krause, under the moniker of Art Bears; and this track pretty much sounds like an instrumental piece by that band.

The Residents – The Walrus Hunt

The opening track from the fab four’s 1979 album ‘Eskimo’ has everyone’s favourite eyeballs hunting for Walrus. Icy winds and chants ahoy; apt for those of us in the UK who ought to be on the lookout for Walruses as well.

The Residents – Arctic Hysteria

Chilly stuff from the Eyeballs classic 1979 album ‘Eskimo’.

The Residents – Rest Aria

A real beauty from the fab fours debut album ‘Meet The Residents’. The piano really tugs on the heartstrings, and as the track builds with synths and horn blasts it becomes truly sublime. This is from the 1977 stereo mix of the 1974 album.

The Residents – Floyd

Sparkly Electronica from 1980. This and Diskomo show that the fab four were ahead of the game when it came to trippy, electronic dance music; with the likes of Kraftwerk, Cluster, Suicide et al just ahead of them.

The Residents – Handful of Desire

A cracking one minute tune from an album full of 60 second slices of delight. This is saturated with that electronic “Residential” feel, and really nails the sound they had during this period; from the incredible 1980 LP ‘The Commercial Album’.

The Residents – Safety Is A Cootie Wootie

This 1983 track was intended to be part of a bigger project. However, the band were in disarray after the disastrous ‘Mole Show’, and it took a while for things to get off of the ground afterwards. It’s a shame, as this track in particular is very strong, and really showcases that analogue electronics Residents sound that they were touting from The Commercial Album/Mark of the Mole era. Great song.

The Residents – Constantinople

Maniacal Pop (it’s all relative) with traces of old school Rock ‘n’ Roll (from Pluto). Yes, it’s The Residents, and yes, it’s from 1978’s classic ‘Duck Stab’ EP.

Snakefinger – Jungle Princess

Wonderful stuff from the “fifth Resident” ak.a Phillip Lithman a.k.a Snakefinger. This track is from his 1980 album ‘Greener Postures’, which was co-written and produced by The Residents, which one can certainly hear. Spectral guitar, and kettle drums bounce around his distinctly (post-punk?) vocals, before what can only be described as a typical Snakefinger guitar burst punctuates proceedings. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

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