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Heartthrob – The Bunker Podcast 143

Podcast of a recent live jam with mostly new and unreleased material from Jesse Siminski a.k.a Heartthrob. Does this mean there’s a long overdue album from him? Who know’s (even some EP’s would be nice), but his style and panache is still on display, and demonstrates why he was always heads above the crown in the minimal scene. The final track of this mix is really fantastic, and has all of the hallmarks of a 4am track. Enjoy!


Jeff Mills – Roman Age

Brilliant, brilliant tune from Mills here. Detroit techno always had a cinematic quality to it, even in it’s low tech origins; an element that went way beyond the dancefloor and into flights of fancy. ‘Roman Age’ from the incredible ‘Three Ages’ (2000) manages to be lush, epic, groovy,and grandiose (in a good way) within its short timeframe (4 minutes is pretty short for  Techno track). Jeff Mills in all of his glory.

A Guy Called Gerald – Live @ His Studio, 11th of February 2017

Just a guy (called Gerald) chilling at his studio and doin’ a little jam; for 5 hours. This man is still ahead of the game as far as we’re concerned, and no matter what you think of his seeming arrogance at times, the guy is a class act that delivers stunning Techno in all of its flavours and shades. Gerald manages to hit spots where the music is tough, trippy, sexy, and, importantly, retains serious groovage. This is Techno. He did this on the 11th of February, 2017. If you haven’t had a chance to see him do this live, then take it when it does come.

Jeff Mills – Zenith

Detroit Techno, pure and simple. This lovely slice of Hi-Tech Soul is from the one and only Jeff Mills a.k.a ‘The Wizard’. Taken from ‘From The 21st Part 1’ (2004).

Actress – X22RME

Darren Cunningham a.k.a Actress is back and ready for a new album. X22RME is the first taster from the forthcoming ‘AZD’; due to be released on Ninja Tune in April. This is more streamlined than some of the work he’s known for; but anyone familiar with his back catalogue will know he is capable of throwing out some Techno grooves from time to time. This track certainly bodes well for the upcoming album, and it’s always a pleasure to listen to someone as adept at making Electronic music as Cunningham obviously is. Also, nice to see Crystal Palace represented in the new video.

Richie Hawtin – Mixmag Live! Volume 20

Pre-wanky fey Cyborg Hawtin here; back from his F.U.S.E and Plastikman days, with a mix for Mixmag back from 1995. 90’s Techno ladies and gentlemen; not that much different from current Techno (take note children, take note).


Lausen – Dry Ray
G-Man – Quo Vadis
Octave One –  Empower
Mark Broom  – Jump
Teste  – The Wipe
Fred Fresh –  5 Mouths
Goio – Basic Needs
Fuse  – Substance Abuse
Plastikman  – Spaz
Plastikman  – Helikopter
Dwarf Percussion  – Electrique
Plastikman – Spastik
Akilah Bryant – Eye Trip
X-Trak – Toddsines
Naughty & Tolis – Electricity
Tobias Schmidt  – Dollar
DBX – Live Wire
Too Funk – Venus Fly Trap
Synchrojack – Cash Machines
Paul Hannah – Key Follow
Sensorama – Harz
Ramon IV  –  Altes Testament

Richie Hawtin – DE9 Transmissions

Back in 2005, the act of using tools such as Ableton Live and DigiDesign ProTools to DJ was cutting edge; and the sheer volume of tracks that Hawtin mixes into this set moves it somewhere between mix and composition. This was also defining the ‘Minimal’ sound around this point; a sound that helped revitalise Techno, yet became an albatross in itself (how many times have we seen that?). Techno fans will recognise snippets of beloved tracks here and there on this solid gold release. Dig in.

Jeff Mills – Condor To Mallorca

Real, classic-era Detroit Techno from The Wizard himself. This track sounds like it expands upon ‘It Is What It Is’ by Derrick May, and toughens it up for the 90’s. Slamming machine phunq from the motor city circa 1994; taken from the Tresor album ‘Waveform Transmission Vol 3’.

Mark Henning – The Dogs

Some tough Techno from a young Mark Henning back in 1999; he wrote this tune during his first stint in Berlin as a student. This is a fantastic track for a newbie; although this isn’t too much of a surprise when you consider the solid nature of Henning’s back catalogue.

Jeff Mills – Time After Space

Beautiful, dubby Techno from Jeff Mills a.k.a ‘The Wizard’. This is something one wished was a lot longer, but you gotta take what you can. From 2000.

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