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Model 500 – Mind Changes

Classic Detroit Techno from 1992 with a track from Juan Atkins’s Model 500 project. This was from ‘The Passage’ EP, and is the standout track. Hi tech Soul with some synthetic melancholic edges.


Repeat – Tomorrows People

Another slice of deep, ambient Techno from the quartet of Ed Handley, Andy Turner, Dave Hill, and Mark Broom. A slice of electronic beauty.

Repeat – Lilt-A

Mark Broom, Dave Hill, and the duo of Ed Handley and Andy Turner (Of The Black Dog and Plaid fame) got together and formed a kind of UK Techno supergroup that produced a handful of singles and EP’s, and one album. The album was called ‘Repeats’ (1995), and the act was called Repeat. Their material wasn’t banging Dancefloor fodder, but rather slotted in alongside the discrete, Detroit influenced work of the aforementioned Black Dog. Just no one mention IDM.

Jeff Mills – Exhibitionist 2 DVD 1 PART 1

Jeff delivering the more tripped out, galactic end of the Motor City sound; and lowers the pace that he was once known for. Great stuff from his 2015 DVD.

Jeff Mills – Dagma

Jeff Mills making a score for Metropolis made sense; him doing a score for a Buster Keaton film was far more likely to have people scratching their head. However, what resulted from this was a rather Wonderful album of lush, intricate Detroit Techno from 2000.

Drexciya – Black Sea

Tough Techno from the mysterious Detroit team. Hard, aquatic tune from 1995.

Octo Octa – Adrift

Stunning track from the recent ‘Where Are We Going’ album. This is a track that would be perfect for either sundown, or sunrise; out in the open, with a vast sky above your head. Pulsing, driving Techno that manages to be foreboding, uplifting, and melancholic all at the same time. Huge emotional charge to this track, just like many others in the history (so far) of electronic dance music.

Vapourspace – Space Walk

Mid 90’s Techno with some excellent finger clicks. This is from Mark Gage’s ‘Themes From Vapourspace’ (1993) album, an album that has aged pretty well and could still do some dancefloor damage.

Pressure Of Speech – Aphelion

Chunky Techno from the UK duo of Mickey Mann and Luke Losey with a track that appeared on the 2nd ‘Trance Europe Express’ compilation from 1994. This is a lovely slice of UK Techno that has hardly aged and still achieves what it originally set out to do.

Mark Henning – Engine X

Berlin’s Mark Henning has had a solid career as both a DJ and a producer. His recordings  are consistent and solid; with many that can easily be described as ‘brilliant’. His sound seems to have changed a tad since 2014, with him edging towards a tougher, more minimal style of techno that harkens back to the 90’s. It’s the sort of stuff you hear certain portions of the dance world term as ‘Proper Techno’; something that is thrown in the direction of acts like Sandwell District, James Ruskin, et al. That terminology is baffling as, what is ‘proper’? Not the original Hi-Tech soul of Detroit tracks such as ‘Nude Photo’ or ‘Time, Space, Transmat’? Not the 21st century groovy bangers by the likes of Heartthrob, Omar S, or Jeff Samuel? Not the pre 2014* work by Henning himself? Anyway, without digressing further with my own little quibble about the T word, The Sentinel presents a track from Henning’s recent EP (that’s also titled ‘Engine X’) that puts one in mind of the spectral Detroit sound peddled by the likes of Terrence Dixon. It’s a doozie; and proper.

*to be fair, the main difference in the work is he’s taken off the snare/Clap/whatever off of the second kick.

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