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Rachel’s/Matmos – The Precise Temperature Of Darkness

Matmos reconstruct ‘Full On Night’ by Rachel’s, and take the sombre chamber Rock and clanging ambience and set it fizzing off into the Electrosphere. From 2000.

Seefeel – Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub)

Seefeel were one of the bands who were put under the new journo label of ‘Post Rock’ (it was a British thing before Tortoise et al got lumbered with the tag). Ethereal and expanding upon the MBV shebang, they were ripe to be remixed by the burgeoning Ambient Techno artists who were like the Electronic flip side to all of this Post Rock malarky. On their 1993 EP ‘Pure/Impure’ they get both Richard D. James involved, as well as an act called Sinebubble (later to become better known as Autocreation). This is track is taken completely into the soundworld that the remixing team used to inhabit, and is a lovely reminder of the possibilities that presented themselves back in the mid 90’s.


This Heat – Repeat

This Heat re-work their 1979 track ’24 Track Loop’ and stretch it out for 20 minutes. This was released in 1993, though we are unclear about when this edit actually occurred. Answers on a postcard, please.

The Jacksons – Shake Your Body Down To The Ground (Justin Paton Remix)

The classic Disco hit gets a reworking from Justin Paton of now and Justin Paton fame. now blend Krautrock, Pop, Disco, Acid, Techno, and everything in between; and Justin’s work under his own name (or is it an alias?) is, mostly, solid Acid House in the original Chicago style. These sensibilities and Justin’s vast musical knowledge are brought to a remix that has The Jacksons hit track sounding like it was imagined by Prince after he listened to some Suicide demos. That rhythm guitar is crisp and relentless. Let’s dance, let’s shout.

Terrence Dixon – Minimalism (DVS1 Remix)

A slice of Techno that is akin to dancing amongst glittering stardust. DVS1 with a 2012 remix of a tune from the year 2000.

Wireman – Armour (Sascha Dive Remix)

Sublime remix where the, albeit outstanding, original is nowhere to be seen, and instead we have some ramshackle droid jackin’ to minimal House. This is from the ‘Prime Numbers’ EP (2009)

Phillip Glass – Heroes (Aphex Twin Remix)

Now, it’s possible that the idea of Phillip Glass doing an orchestral version of David Bowies ‘Heroes’ album would have most of you lifting an eyebrow or two. However, any who has heard it will hopefully agree that it transcends mere novelty value and is a stellar piece of work. What is even better however, is the fact that Richard D James remixed the Glass version of the title track, ‘Heroes’, and mixed in the original vocal track from Bowie. What we have is possibly Aphex Twin’s greatest remix, and a beautiful piece of music. The spiraling strings and inter-cut vocals have a gorgeously disorientating effect. It outshines both the original, as well as Glass’ version. This was included on the bonus CD that came with the Japanese edition of ‘Heroes Symphony’ by Phillip lass in 1997, and was later re-released on Aphex Twin’s ’26 Mixes For cash’ in 2003.

Dubfire – I Feel Speed (Audion Remix)

Great remix from Matthew Dear under his Audion guise here. He really works his magic with this Dubfire track from 2007, and it certainly beats the original.

Michael Forrest – Girl in The Radiator Song remix (Eraserhead)

Having just watched David Lynch’s fantastic Eraserhead for the first time in ten years I felt the need to post this remix: A brilliant electronic version of the song from the film by Michael Forrest, a good friend of The Sentinel.

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