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Boom Bip – First Walk (Peel Session Version)

This track, that appeared on the 2004 mop up album ‘Corymb’, does not easily fit into the Category of ‘Hip-Hop’, which is the main tag that gets attached to Bryan Charles Hollon a.k.a Boom Bip. Even tags like ‘Downtempo’ (shudder) or electronica don’t suit a track that has far more in common with Ui, Tortoise, or any other country-tinged Post Rock acts. Nice for any walk, even if it’s not your first.


Main – Feed The Collapse

Spaced, yet crisp, clear, and direct; a track from the band’s second EP. 1992’s ‘Calm’.

Add N to (X) – The Black Regent

Royal Synth rock from the UK crews 1998 album ‘On The Wires Of Our Nerves’. The Black regent would appear on and off over the years this outfit operated. Keep a lookout for him please.

Main – Reformation

Shoegaze meets Kosmische on this track from the UK duo’s 1994 album ‘Motion Pool’

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Nine Tenths Of The Law

A track from the B-Side to the bands 1992 ‘Ground Zero’ EP that has hints of Faust, as well as some of the more spartan, experimental Post Punk acts of days past. The Band went on to become hazier, expansive, and tripped out in their sound; but the kernel of what they were alway about can be heard here.

Main – Flametracer

Main channel their parent band Loop on this mantric psychedelic “Rock” track from their debut EP, 1991’s ‘Hydra’.

Tortoise – Swung From The Gutters

Perfect two decades ago, and still perfect today. This lovely track from the somewhat overrated ‘TNT’ (1998) album, is a loose, languid number that really pulls on the heartstrings. A real album highlight for sure.

Pram – The City Surveyor

Pram are one of those essentially English Post Rock acts that evoke the feelings of the cardigan-coated terror that came hand in hand with UK Folk-Horror (be it in a country or urban setting); think Sapphire & Steel, The Stone Tapes, The Wicker Man, Doomwatch, et al. They effortlessly conjure these feelings (sometimes with some serious loungecore stylings thrown in for good measure) in every piece of music they’ve released, and this eerie, minimal number form their 2007 album ‘The Moving Frontier’ is no different.

Stereolab – The Seeming and the Meaning

Absolute cracker from the band’s first album, 1992’s ‘Peng’ on Too Pure. Dig!

Broadcast – The Black Cat

Exquisite, cardigan-coated Pop from the Birmingham outfit; off of their gorgeous 2005 album ‘Tender Buttons’.

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