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The Lickets – Five Days Without A Name

The Lickets sound like they’ve soundtracked some long lost alt-Western epic from the early 70’s on this track from their 2007 album ‘Journey In Caldecott’.


Electrelane – Blue Straggler

Brighton 4 piece Electrelane conjure up the spirits of fallen mods on this typically moody piece from their 2001 debut ‘Rock It To The Moon’.

The Lickets – Smoking Hippie

The Texan band whip up a real hazy buzz on this track from their 2007 album ‘Journey In Caldecott’.

Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life

Funky guitar licks, machine hand claps, chimes, and all of the spaces in between make for a grin-inducing slice of loveliness from Kieran Hedbden’s 2003 album ‘Rounds’.

The Lickets – Cat Runs A Company

The Texan  “transcendental mini-orchestra” with a 19 minute track from their 2005 album ‘Fake Universe Man’. This opens with luxurious and languid Nu- Psych; all paisley loops and bright hues. Hints at Dub, replete with bass and melodica, come into play for a while, before the tracks transforms once more. The overall tone of the album is bright and expansive, and this track is a perfect example of the overall feel.

Talk Talk – Ascension Day

The extremely sad news of Mark Hollis’ death has come to our attention tonight, and it appears that it is true (these things have to be unfortunately scrutinised more and more these days). This is tragic news as Mark was only 64. He leaves behind a huge musical legacy (in quality, rather than quantity), and created three albums; two with band Talk Talk, and one solo album; that are so achingly beautiful, music fans and journo’s continually struggle to describe them. On 1988’s ‘Spirit of Eden’, Talk Talk moved completely away from the bands Pop origins and created a kind of Chamber Rock that was open ended, extremely subtle, and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. This was taken further on the next, and sadly, final album, 1992’s ‘Laughing Stock’, the album that this track was taken from. The sound was bleached out even more, so that it was hardly there anymore. Smeared and smudged, yet even more sublime than previously, it was a farewell record that was fitting, yet maddening, as there would be no more exquisite beauty from the trio. Hollis made one solo album in 1988, an album that could be the final part of a trilogy; capping off the sound started with ‘Spirit of Eden’. There was never a follow up, and now there never will be. Mark had gotten sick of the music biz, and went into retirement. RIP Mark, you created something that never really existed before, and won’t ever again.

Seefeel – Charlotte’s Mouth

Delicious blend of Shoegaze, Ambient Electronica, and Dub; from the bands 1993 album ‘Quique’.

Ui – Sexy Photograph

Stunted, funk-tinged Avant-Rock from this underrated New York trio’s debut album, 1996’s ‘Sidelong’.

Seefeel – Plainsong

1993, when the Ambient umbrella was wide, large, and had many musical permutations sheltered beneath. Seefeel melded indie, shoegaze, and Electronica, and were one of the UK acts that were classed as “Post Rock”; along with the likes of Bark Psychosis, Stereolab, Moonshake, and Laika. This is from the bands 1993 album ‘Quique’.

Stereolab – Freestyle Dumpling

Here’s the groop with a tune that featured on the 2002 compilation ‘Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 01’. This sees them in a stomping mood where guitar fuzz abounds.

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