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Broadcast – Peel Session 1996

1. Forget Everytime (0:07)

2. The Note (4:18)

3. The World Backwards (7:23)

4. Untitled [City In Progress] (10:43)


The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Snowballs

A track from the ‘Loa’ (1993) 12″ that sees the band really thrashing it out with some gnarly post-Industrial Rock moves.

Stereolab – Peel Session 1996

1. Metronomic Underground

2. Brigitte

3. Spinal Column

4. Tomorrow Is Already Here

Broadcast – The Book Lovers (live MTV)

That’s right! MTV! Imagine that?! A relic for those who believe MTV was always total dog shit. Mind you, this was way back in 1997, but still.

The Books – Mikey bass

Everything from The Books 2002 album ‘Thought For Food’ hit that spot where Post-Rock met “Folktronica”; where traditions and Americana (we’re talking about that distinctly American take on Post-Rock here) met with a Rock music that was very much informed by a post-Electronica landscape. There’s something very lovely about the whole album, which is highly recommended by us here at The Sentinel.

Tortoise – Seneca

The opening to Tortoise’s 2001 album ‘Standards’ had a cheeky wrong footing move right at the start. The buzzing of amps and rolling drums/electirc guitar suggested a more rough ‘n’ ready Rawk approach. However, before long we’re thrown into A Post Rock informed heavily by Electronica, a sound those familiar with bands such as Kreidler and To Rococo Rot will recognise. Gone were the woody and toned down sounds of previous efforst, ‘Seneca’ shone brightly with neon lights. The rest of the album was a mixture of what had gone before, and newer, fresher shapes (such as ‘Monica’ and ‘Eros’). Enjoy.

Stereolab – Freestyle Dumping

Chunky grooves from the Groop. This track first appeared, at least to our knowledge, on the 2002 Rough Trade compilation “Electronic 01”; even though it’s not really electronic, but don’t ask us about that, have a word with Rough Trade.

Slint – Good Morning, Captain (Demo)

Rough ‘n’ ready demo of the boys; with some fantastic accompanying footage that really captured how young this remarkable band were when they were writing material like this.

Sint – Don, Aman

Slint muster a lot of atmosphere with very little on this track from their classic 1991 album ‘Spiderland’. Brooding, simmering, and restrained.

The Books – All Bad Ends All

Lovely folktronica from the duo’s 2002 album ‘Thought For Food’.

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