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Pram – The City Surveyor

Pram are one of those essentially English Post Rock acts that evoke the feelings of the cardigan-coated terror that came hand in hand with UK Folk-Horror (be it in a country or urban setting); think Sapphire & Steel, The Stone Tapes, The Wicker Man, Doomwatch, et al. They effortlessly conjure these feelings (sometimes with some serious loungecore stylings thrown in for good measure) in every piece of music they’ve released, and this eerie, minimal number form their 2007 album ‘The Moving Frontier’ is no different.


Stereolab – The Seeming and the Meaning

Absolute cracker from the band’s first album, 1992’s ‘Peng’ on Too Pure. Dig!

Broadcast – The Black Cat

Exquisite, cardigan-coated Pop from the Birmingham outfit; off of their gorgeous 2005 album ‘Tender Buttons’.

Pram – Mother Of Pearl

No, not a cover of that fantastic track by Roxy Music, but rather a lovely slice of warped Pop with horns a plenty from the bands 2000 album ‘The Museum of Imaginary Animals’.

Ui – Sleep Hold (“Answers” recording sessions 28/02/2002)

The New York Post Rock trio in classic form.

Evangelist – Never Feel This Young

Fantastic tune from UNKLE man Gavin Clark and Toydrum. This is from the album ‘God Song’, that was released in 2015 after Clarks untimely death.

Stereolab – Eye Of The Volcano

Great stuff that ranges from melancholic to groovetastic; from the album Fab Four Suture, released in 2006.

Electrelane – Gone Darker

The band go, ahem, darker with their motorik psych mod sound on this fantastic track from their 2005 album ‘Axes’. Outstanding!

Ui – Drive Until He Sleeps

Lovely, lovely stuff from the New York trio’s 1998 album ‘Lifelike’. The band manage to wrap some sultry bass licks around the post Rock breaks.

Tortoise – Magnet Pulls Through

Minimal, restrained, and (unfortunately for some) tasteful; this sums up Tortoise doing what they do best. Sure they’ve gone into some sparkly funky areas before (‘Eros’ and ‘Monica’ from 2001’s ‘Standards’ album), but this is usually the type of material one holds onto as a fine example of what the US ‘Post Rock’ act are all about. Well, it’s this or the hellish Weather Report meets Ozric Tentacles shenanigans they are also known to inflict upon the listener. This is the opening track from their 1994 self-titled debut album.

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