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Stereolab – Freestyle Dumping

Chunky grooves from the Groop. This track first appeared, at least to our knowledge, on the 2002 Rough Trade compilation “Electronic 01”; even though it’s not really electronic, but don’t ask us about that, have a word with Rough Trade.


Slint – Good Morning, Captain (Demo)

Rough ‘n’ ready demo of the boys; with some fantastic accompanying footage that really captured how young this remarkable band were when they were writing material like this.

Sint – Don, Aman

Slint muster a lot of atmosphere with very little on this track from their classic 1991 album ‘Spiderland’. Brooding, simmering, and restrained.

The Books – All Bad Ends All

Lovely folktronica from the duo’s 2002 album ‘Thought For Food’.

Tortoise – Ry Cooder

It’s a warm, summer evening over here in London, and this track from the Chicago Post-Rock outfit’s self titled, debut album from 1994 fits it very nicely. Wonder what Ry Cooder thinks about this one?

Ui – Exeunt

The closing track of Ui’s 1998 album ‘Lifelike’ is languid Post-Rock that is very similar to US compatriots Tortoise.

Workshop – Joina Ina

Funk flecked Neo-Kraut from the german bands 1997 album ‘Meiguiweisheng Xiang’.

Ui – Laceria

By 1998’s ‘Lifelike’ album, Ui had fleshed out their warm ‘n’ woody Post-Rock with electronics, and tightened up the drum sound to mimic machines. The effect was not unpleasant, and makes for as enjoyable an alum ad their debut ‘Sidelong’. This track demonstrates what they were about at this point in time as well as anything else from the album.


The Books – Enjoy Your Worries You May Never Have Them Again

Lilting, folktronica from the New York duo’s debut album ‘Thought For Food’ (2002). Playful, yet touching stuff here on the opening track.

Slint – Good Morning Captain

That bleached, desert-like sound of American Post-Rock (think early tortoise) owes a lot to Slint’s 1991 album ‘Spiderland’, an album that deserves “classic” status, an album with fantastic opening and closing tracks. This is the closer, and continues with the vaguely threatening feel that the band deliver throughout the album. This threat builds, and the latter half of the track is intense in a non-metal, metal way; or summat like that. PJ Harvey cites this album as a huge influence on her 1992 debut ‘Dry’, with the juxtaposition of intense passages of music suddenly followed by quiet, ultra-restrained whispers.

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