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Devo – Make Me Dance [Demo]

A track that sadly did not make it onto 1980’s ‘Freedom of Choice’, as it’s a Devolution banger! All stiffened New Wave dance moves and minimal synth patterns.


The Slits – Peel Session 1981

1. Difficult Fun (0:07)

2. In The Beginning (5:48)

3. Earthbeat & Wedding Song (16:52)

Adam & the Ants – Peel Session 1978

1. You’re So Physical (0:07)

2. Cleopatra (3:15)

3. Friends (6:44)

4. I’m A Xerox Machine (9:58)

Gang of Four – Peel Session 1981

1. To Hell With Poverty! (0:07)

2. Paralysed (3:44)

3. History Is Bunk (7:04)

Thanks Vibracobra23.

The Monochrome Set – Peel Session 1979

1. Fallout (0:07)

2. Martians Go Home (2:29)

3. Viva Death Row (4:20)

4. Goodbye Joe/The Strange Boutique (6:22)

The Raincoats – Peel Session 1980

1. Using My Eyes (0:07)

2. Family Treet (2:31)

3. Baby Song (6:19)

Thanks, as always, to the Vibracobra23 YouTube channel for these Peel Sessions.

The Fall – New Face In Hell

MES in full effect, with sloppy riffs and breakbeats bolstering his wonderful rantings. From the wonderful 1980 album ‘Grotesque (After the Gramme)’.

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

This Post Punk anthem was a classic Goth favourite, and yet it had a real skank to it. Music really is a wonderful thing. 1982.

Talking Heads – Memories Can’t Wait

“These memories can’t wait”………..from 1979’s ‘Fear of Music’.

Pere Ubu – Caligari’s Mirror

Pere Ubu with David Thomas at his most abrasive. The track is dissonant and scattered; yet with a catchy chorus that rocks every time it kicks in. From their 2nd album, 1978’s ‘Dub Housing’.

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