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The Stranglers – Shah Shah a Go Go

From the band’s 1979 album ‘The Raven’; which, whilst solid, isn’t up there with the previous years ‘Black & White’, which is one of the real New Wave/Post Punk classics. However, tracks such as this see the band in top form. The track opens with the call to prayer, before they kick in with a synth sound that predicted so much of what would come during the next few years in both the New Wave, Indie, and Pop scene. Then that sharp, angular UK Post Punk sound that launched so many careers. Fantastic song!


Warsaw – No Love Lost

This is raw Post Punk from back in 1978, when Joy Division were called Warsaw and Martin Hannett hadn’t put his stamp on them yet. Dig.

The Fall – Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-Wain

This propulsive, cluttered Rock track crashes, and barges onward; desperately gripping onto itself for safety. Fantastic Fall track from their 1996 album ‘The Light User Syndrome’.

Gang Of Four – Not Great Men

Funked up Post Punk from the Leeds quartets 1979 album ‘Entertainment’.

Joy Division – Peel Session 1979


1. Love Will Tear Us Apart (0:07)

2. 24 Hours (3:32)

3. Colony (7:42)

4. Sound Of Music (11:47)

The Birthday Party – Peel Session 1982


1. Pleasure Avalanche (0:07)

2. Deep In The Woods (4:16)

3. Sonny’s Burning (8:52)

4. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!) (11:56)

Gang Of Four – Return The Gift

Punk Funk from the Leeds outfits 1979 album ‘Entertainment’. This is clearly the band that Franz Ferdinand rubbed themselves off to.

Clock DVA – Peel Session 1983

1. Sister (0:09)

2. Beautiful Losers (4:46)

3. Dark Encounters (9:02)

Thanks, again, to YouTube’s Vibracobra23.

Devo – Mechanical Man [full EP]

  1. Mechanical Man (0:00)
  2. Blockhead (3:13)
  3. Blackout (6:14)
  4. Auto-Modown (9:19)
  5. Space Girl Blues (11:17)

Adam & The Ants – Lady

The B-Side to the bands 1978 single ‘Young Parisians’ is a real contrast to the Kinks-esque A Side, with some snotty, oik-Punk that made it clear that the sly Adam & The Ants humour was present from the get go.

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