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Animal Collective – Another White Singer

Sometimes it’s hard to remember when Animal Collective were experimental, and this Residents=like track from their second album, 2001’s ‘Danse Manatee’ is a strong reminder. It’s recommended that one checks out the rest of the album if this tickles your fancy, as the band throw up shapes resembling everything from primitive Techno, through This Heat, to their friends and fellow travellers Black Dice. This was back when they felt as vital as the rest of the Brooklyn noughties scene.

Liars – His And Mine Sensations

2012’s WIXIW was an unsatisfying experience, with the band offering up the amazing concept of crossing over indie/rock/(insert label) and ambient Techno; like the 90’s never happened. However, some tracks stood out. ‘No.1 Against The Rush’, the albums first single, was a synth heavy post-punk number that has hints of Human League and Gary Numan to it; and even stronger hints of “A Forest” by The Cure. Another track that really stood out was ‘His And Mine Sensations’, which is like a lite version of ‘Proud Evolution’, or a cleaned up outtake from Drums Not Dead. Neither of those descriptions are meant as insults by the way, and this is a great Liars track.

Black Dice – Gore

Black Dice in their retarded-Electro mode from 2007’s ‘Load Blown’. This track really devastates and sounds like someone released a metallic origami monster into the room.

LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge

THE ultimate song for underground music nerds, whether you admit that or not. Rock meets (a form of) Electro without falling into any (snigger) Electroclash tropes (whatever happened to those at the very forefront of music itself?) to deliver something solid to hold this tale of pissing contests. LCD Soundsystem are apparently going to reform. We shall see what that actually delivers before making a judgment. This was their 2004 single which features a wonderful namecheck for a huge list of essential bands..

Liars – No 1 Against the Rush

Liars 2012 album ‘WIXIW’ was pretty disappointing; with only a few tracks of note on there. This, the 1st single released from the album, was one of them. A track which grew on us at The Sentinel, as at first it sounded like any other ’80’s obsessed retro-clone; with hints of Human league and Gary Numan to it; and even stronger hints of “A Forest” by The Cure. However, this is synth heavy post-punk number that has its own strengths, and still sounds great a few years on.

*Video shot in LA by Todd Cole.

Animal Collective – Guys Eyes

In light of yesterdays Beach Boys post, it only seems fitting to bring you an AC track where Panda Bear is truly channeling some Brian Wilson. This is from 2009’s ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’

Animal Collective – Water Curses

Lovely and joyous stuff from the bands 2008 ‘Water Curses’ EP.

Black Dice – Creature

Black Dice’s 2004 album ‘Creature Comforts’ seems to have been forgotten, and rarely gets a mention when their history is combed over. This is a shame as it’s a very interesting album. It’s a transitional album, that’s for sure; sitting between the expansive uber avant-rock of ‘Beaches & Canyons’, and the stunted, malformed Electro of ‘Broken Ear Record’, which brought us the sound they have pursued ever since. Their change of sound was enforced by the fact that their drummer, Hisham Bharoocha left the band after ‘Beaches & Canyons’; and on ‘Creature comforts’ they dispense of rhythm for large sections of the album; when used, the patterns are seemingly crude and rudimentary (but don’t let that give you the wrong impression, listen to the amazing centrepiece’Skeleton’ to see what I mean). However, at the tail end of this tune, they go for a full on tribal (Techno?) workout that underpins that serrated electronics.

Double Leopards – Sound Holes

A fantastic opening gambit to what is possibly one of the greatest drone albums of all time. Brooklyn’s Double Leopards released the 2LP behemoth ‘Halve Maen’ (Dutch for ‘Half Moon’) in 2003. The album is a complete gem that has not dulled by time. Double Leopards approach to drone is to ensure that its ever shifting, warm and psychedelic. Their drones are expansive, not claustrophobic; although bliss can turn to fear on certain parts of the album.

Animal Collective – Fireworks

A song from 2007’s ‘Strawberry Jam’ album that suits the date over here in the UK.
Beautiful track from a brilliant album.

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