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God – Tunnel

Malevolent Noise Rock from the UK acts final album, 1994’s ‘The Anatomy of Addiction’. Squealing horns, rumbling bass, and more space in the mix than your average Noise Rock track.


Foetus – Kreibabe

The absolutely insane closing track from Jim’s true comeback album (basically, not ‘GASH’, 2001’s ‘FLOW’. The tracks starts out with oscillating synths with Jim’s whacked out vocals over the top; like a brainwashing experiment in some bunker somewhere damp, dark, and scary. It builds and explodes, and then truly becomes the stuff of nightmares. The track quietens down and explodes again, and varies from creeping to confrontational menace with each section. Finally we end up in some sampled, classical dystopia with otherworldy moans and marching robots. Thank you for this Jim, it’s a colossal beast.*

  • the huge, noise-rock track as closer seems to have become a tradition after this album, as he does the same with ‘LOVE’ and ‘HIDE’; with each one being less effective than the last, sadly.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Peel Session 1993

1. Bellbottoms (0:07)

2. Blues Explosion Man (4:01)

3. In The Red (7:21)

4. Orange (10:17)

Thanks again to Vibracobra23 for these archived Peel Sessions.

Foetus – Be Thankful

Noisy Foetus material from 1996, and his ‘NULL’ EP.

“You’ll go where you’re driven and be grateful!!”

Foetus – Hammer Falls

The Sentinel has already gone into the issues surrounding 1995’s ‘GASH’; for both Thirlwell and his audience; so there is no need to go into that again. ‘Hammer Falls’ is one of the albums crackers, and drags the listener into a maelstrom that includes a horn section on steroids, punishing drums, and diseased raga shenanigans. Long live Jimmy!

God – White Pimp Cut Up

Free Jazz and Dub effects pepper this raucous Noise Rock piece from God’s final album, 1994’s ‘The Anatomy of Addiction’.

Big Black – Precious Thing

Some metallic post-hardcore from Albini’s legendary outfit. This is from the album everyone was talking about in the latter half of 1987, ‘Songs About Fucking’.

God – On All Fours

Noice Rock In excelsis here; from Kevin Martin’s bands final album, 1994’s ‘The Anatomy of Addiction’.

Butthole Surfers – Day of the Dying Alive

This is a different version of the 1st half of the track titled ‘Jimi’, which is from the Texan bands 1988 album ‘Hairway to Steven’. A track that is Moronic Evil in sludge rock form, and sees the Buttholes at their best.

Foetus Interruptus – Don’t Hide It, Provide It

By 1988, Jim Thirlwell’s Foetus project had become all-consumed by his evil alter-ego, Clint Ruin. Ruin was a vile misanthrope, and the worst kind of person you would ever want to meet, and it is him that sings on these songs; songs full of hate and bile, on an album called ‘THAW’, set to a grimy Industrial that has been imitated by many; imitated poorly in many circumstances. This is the opening track from the album, and Ruin sets his stall out early with this maniacal Garage track from hell; all clanking, thumping metal drums and a guitar (?) riff that is a descent into Acid mayhem. Lovely!

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