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Tipsy – Tuatara

Here’s one from Tipsy’s dizzying foray into loungecore plunderphonics, 1996’s ‘Trip Tease’, and one can almost smell the palm tree’s. Lush, lovely intoxicating stuff.


Tom Recchion – The Perpetual Motion Clock

Back in 1996, whilst bands such as Stock, Hausen & Walkman, and Tipsy (especially early Tipsy) seemed to riff on vandalised Exotica, Lounge, and Easy Listening; Ex LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) member Recchion released an album of Lounge-core Sampledelia, titled ‘Chaotica’, that was recorded between 1985-86. What Recchion achieved with this dizzying, candy-coated piece of sampledelia seemed to be mirrored in the activities of other bands. Tom appeared to have started something with this. Check out the rest of this album, as well as the work of the other acts mentioned.

Tipsy – Grossenhosen

Lounge and exotica plunderphonic loveliness from Tipsy back in 1996. Their album ‘Trip Teas’ was up there with Stock, Hausen & Walkman’s excursions into similar territory, and a worthy addition to a wonderful moment in sampledelia.

Tipsy – Zenith

Tipsy were a band who got lumped in with Trip-Hop (shudder) on their arrival. There were probably times where the comparison was warranted; however, on tracks such as this one, they fitted into another category of Formica-polishing lounge sampledelia. Think Stock, Hausen & Walkman or ‘Chaotica’-era Tom Recchion.
This track is from 1997.

Jimi Tenor – Sirens Of Salo

Space age lounge Jazz from Finland’s Jimi Tenor here. This is off of his 2004 album ‘Beyond The Stars’.

The Focus Group – The Heavy Blessing

Another lovely vignette from Julian House’s ‘The Elektrik Carousel'(2013) album. Lounge exotica sampledelia in excelsis.

Andrew Liles – As on a Dung Hill

Sleazy lounge music, Liles style; from 2008’s ‘Black End’ album.

Herb Diamante & Diatric Puds – In New Moons Lull

Herb Diamante has been described as a ‘Psychedelic lounge karaoke singer from the U.K.’. Not bad for starters. In 2007 he did an album with ‘friends’ (one group of friends being Sun City Girls) called ‘A Spoonful of Yeast’. This sultry number, replete with binatone-like rhythm, is like Nick Cave morphing into Jimi Tenor with Joe Meek at the controls. Lovely.

Tipsy – Mr. Excitement

Lounge plunderphonics from USA’s Tipsy; from their brilliant 1996 album ‘Trip-Tease’. This is the opener and is a lovely piece of rolling, paisley patterned, formica-covered sampledelia.

Stock, Hausen & Walkman – Hairy Globe

Lounge-core from sampledelic masters Stock, Hausen & Walkman. This is from their 2000 album ‘Organ Transplants Vol. 2’. Get those organs out!

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