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Cluster – Sowiesoso

Warm, ever-expanding Kraut-Electronica from this wonderful duo’s 1976 album; also titled ‘Sowiesoso’. Food for every growing Ambient baby.


Kraftwerk – Tanzmusik (Live in ZDF-aspekte-Studio, 1973)

Ralf & Florian showcase a track from their 1973 album, er, “Ralf & Florian”. Glittering Krautrock jewels proliferate in this lovely, gorgeous track.

Sand – Standing On The Corner

An early version of the track ‘On The Corner’ that ended up on Sand’s 1974 cult classic ‘Golem’. This, along with other embryonic ‘Golem’ tracks, appear on a collection of demo’s etc released on Rotorelief records called ‘His First Steps’;  replete with album art by Babs Santini a.k.a Steven Stapleton (of Nurse With Wound fame for the uninitiated). Now, NWW did a wonderful plunderphonics job of Sand material that was also released on Rotorelief, begging the question whether or not this is the original Sand material, apparently from 1972, in all of its glory, or if it’s been “nursed” back to health. Whatever the case, it’s great to listen to and is all popping, primitive drum machine driving a wobbly, motorik beat that is essential 70’s, German Avant-Rock.

Harmonia – Veterano

Floaty, Kosmische music from the holy union twixt Cluster and NEU!’s Michael Rother. This is from their 1st album, 1974’s ‘Musik Von Harmonia’.

Kraftwerk – Kakteen, Wüste, Sonne (Live 1971)

Kraftwerk live in 1971 were essentially the whole of NEU! with Florian Schneider (Ralf Hütter is nowhere to be seen), and they were bridging the gap between the molten, incendiary Avant-Rock of ‘Kraftwerk 1’ and the aforementioned NEU!. Krautrock, yes.

NEU! – E-Musik

NEU! continue with the groove they laid down on the opener of their debut on this track from their 3rd album from 1975. (Kraut) Rock on!

Amon Düül – Bitterlings Verwandlung

The closing track to the band’s debut album, 1969’s ‘Psychedelic Underground’ sums up this ramshackle, brutal, direct Krautrock collective perfectly. After a sample snippet the caveman Kraut kicks into full effect. Wonderful, wonderful stuff and the essence of the slew of German Avant-Rock that was to follow. Tough as old boots.

Kraftwerk – Köln II (1971)

The birth of NEU!, live on German TV back in 1971.

Faust – Excerpt from Side A of “The Faust Tapes”

This 1973 album did not have a track list when it came out, and one seems to have been made retrospectively. Now here at The Sentinel, we would hardly describe ourselves as “purists”; however, these tracks titles that were added many years later (or were they?) don’t really add to the experience, so we could just say this is the section on Side A that starts with rummaging, walking around, and the sound of an automated telephone message, before launching into (Kraut) funky bass and drums and electric drill accompaniment; which fizzes into insanity before a fog of organs descends upon the listener. Next is some spooky ghost howling before a buzzing raw motorik number (recorded in a dustbin) fucks your ears. Then we have lush, prog frills that can bring a smile to the most jaded music fan, before the track falls apart into erratic noodling, then…..drifting on a ferry on a pitch black misty lake.


Amon Düül II – Yeti Talks to Yogi

A track that starts where the previous one on the album left off, ‘Yeti Talks To Yogi’ starts off as all expansive space (Kraut) rock, before the track becomes scattered and the listener is lost in a multitude of murky, psychedelic pathways. This is, of course, off of the almighty slab of psychedelic rock that is the 1970 album ‘Yeti’.

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