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Soundgarden – Drawing Flies

RIP Chris Cornell.


Soundgarden – Slaves and Bulldozers

A band called Grunge who, here at least, were delivering straight up heavy Metal as Black Sabbath first imagined. Slow and heavy, and touching on Doom, this track is a real slice of audio fire.

Soundgarden – Hands All Over

Before Grunge brought Rock back into an acceptable proposition for the masses, Soundgarden had recorded their 2nd album, 1989’s ‘Louder Than Love’. On said album was an expansive, undulating Rock masterpiece called ‘Hands All Over’.

Tad – Behemoth

Grunge, a time in musical history when guitars were grabbed back from the clutches of hair Metal. There were obviously the “big” names that came under this banner (no need to mention them here, and some were far more deserving of fame than others), and there were the lesser known names; like Mudhoney, Melvins, and Tad. Tad were named after big frontman Tad Doyle; and what better way to celebrate this band than their banger ‘Behemoth’. This track was also lovingly covered by Foetus on his 1990 tour; the same year the original came out on the album ‘God’s Balls’.

Bardo Pond – Inside

Philadelphia noiserock from the 90s that have somehow passed me by until this week. Here’s a track from the 2001 album, Dilate. You could call it motorik grunge but I dont think that does it justice really, especially in the context of the whole album. There’s a feeling that it’s always on the edge of chaos – at times the bass becomes almost too muddy and there are some songs that are close to being unintelligible.  A treat to listen to with fresh ears.

The Sentinel DJ set tonight! (London)


Tonight we will playing some tracks at this event at The Buffalo Bar, N1. Expect a selections something like the various tracks below.

Cows – Chow

Something about the bass line on this track is really unsettling, seasickness inducing. Proper noise rock, as oppposed to grunge, I don’t know why I’ve never heard of them before today. Great stuff.. I really like the dirtiness of the sound here too.

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