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Chrome – TV As Eyes

Like The Stooges on steroids (is that an homage in the song title?), with the band all racing, metallic Garage punk, before the whole thing breaks down into a lysergic, Sci-Fi dystopian nightmare. From the bands super lauded 1979 album ‘Half machine Lip Moves’.


The Velvet Underground – The Gift

The second track off of the Velvets masterpiece, 1968’s ‘White Light/White Heat’, has John Cale telling the story of hopeless nice guy Waldo Jeffers in the left speaker, whilst chunky, tough Garage Rock/Punk steamrollers out of the right speaker.

Warmduscher – Big Wilma

Duscher Rock from the Brixton crew; off of the single released in January.

Monks – I Can’t Get Over You

This track from Monks can be found as an extra on the CD release of their seminal 1966 album ‘Black Monk Time’. It’s has a slightly different feel to the majority of tracks on said album, with a far more comedic tone. This was The Mothers of Invention before The Mothers of Invention; or something. Funny.

Monks – I Need You Shatzi

A track from the band’s 1967 Hamburg sessions. These sessions seemed to lack the maverick feel of their ‘Black Monk Time’ album, but still good Monkin’ fun; and there are even horns!

Pere Ubu – Street Waves

Garage Punk as part of the New Wave from the Cleveland Titans; the section where it all kicks in again at the 2 and a half minutes mark is one of music history’s sweet spots. This is from the bands debut album, 1978’s ‘The Modern Dance’

Warmduscher – Gold Teeth

Gonzo Psych Garage from the here and now; delivered by Brixton’s finest. This track is off of the 2015 album ‘Khaki Tears’.

Monks – There She Walks

One of the tracks that never made it onto the band’s only official release, 1966’s ‘Black Monk Time’, and what a cracker it is. Like listening to Capital Gold on speed.

The Human Beinz – Nobody But Me

Cool Garage Rock from the Ohio acts debut album from 1967; also titled ‘Nobody But Me’. Rez heads will know this from ‘Meet The Residents’, where the phenomenal Pop combo plundered it for the start of ‘N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues)’. Dig.

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