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Pere Ubu – Street Waves

Garage Punk as part of the New Wave from the Cleveland Titans; the section where it all kicks in again at the 2 and a half minutes mark is one of music history’s sweet spots. This is from the bands debut album, 1978’s ‘The Modern Dance’


Warmduscher – Gold Teeth

Gonzo Psych Garage from the here and now; delivered by Brixton’s finest. This track is off of the 2015 album ‘Khaki Tears’.

Monks – There She Walks

One of the tracks that never made it onto the band’s only official release, 1966’s ‘Black Monk Time’, and what a cracker it is. Like listening to Capital Gold on speed.

The Human Beinz – Nobody But Me

Cool Garage Rock from the Ohio acts debut album from 1967; also titled ‘Nobody But Me’. Rez heads will know this from ‘Meet The Residents’, where the phenomenal Pop combo plundered it for the start of ‘N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues)’. Dig.

Half Japanese – Real Cool Time

Jad Fair and co with a spiffing cover of The Stooges’ ‘Real Cool Time’. Off of their 1988 album ‘Charmed Life’.

The Bonniwell Music Machine – Bottom Of The Soul

From the act previously known as just simply the Music Machine, the band give us some great melodic Garage from 1967. Groovy.

Monks – I Hate You

The mid 60’s saw the arrival of 5 American GI’s who had decided to become a band. They were a band who had Monk tonsures, and wore cassocks with nooses worn as neckties. They also sounded unlike anyone else.
Walther Niemann and Karl H. Remy were the ‘designers’ behind the band, who saw them as the anti-Beatles.
Doo-Wop, Merseybeat, and Rock ‘n’ Roll were just some of the elements that made up the proto-Punk Garage sound of Monks.
Unfortunately, ‘Black Monk Time’ was their only album; and it will forever be a shame that we didn’t get to hear where this act could have ended up.
Anyway, here is one from the 1965 album, and it’s a belter full of loving spite.

As a sidenote, it’s worth a mention that this track features in the Big Lebowski soundtrack; it’s playing in the background at the bowling alley when Walter pulls out his gun.

Monks – Pretty Suzanne (alternative version)

Ok, who knows what version is the original “intended” version or the alternative? As the track was never officially released. However, The Sentinel already posted the version that came out on the mop up collection ‘Five Upstart Americans”. This version is slower, has different lyrics, and a lovely rolling, fat, fuzzy bassline. This is arguable the better version, and recalls Zappa with its sneering parody of a love song and has a real Mother of Invention feel. Amazing stuff from a truly brilliant band.

Electrelane – Take The Bit Between Your Teeth

Absolute stonker from the band’s 2004 album ‘The Power Out’.

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