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James Brown – Body Heat

The title track from James Brown’s 1976 album is hypnotic, relentless Funk that only the Godfather could deliver.


James Brown – Live on Soul Train 1973 – 75

1.Hot Pants

2. Get Up (I Feel Like A) Sex Machine (2:36)

3. Get On The Good Foot (4:06)

4. Soul Power (6:51)

5.. Make It Funky (9:53)

6. Cold Sweat (11:07)

7. Try Me (14:22)

8. Please Please, Please  (17:21)

9. Say It Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud (17:57)

10. Super Bad (23:53)

11. Papa Don’t Take No Mess (26:18)

12. My Thang (29:57)

13. Hell (33:33)

14. The Payback (35:57)

Fred Wesley & the JB’s

1.Damn Right, I Am Somebody (40:25)

James Brown – The Payback (Live in Zaire 1974)

A great version of a song from the classic album of the same name. Unfortunately this is only a small portion of the track, but it is a chance to see what it would have been live to have seen this incredible force live.

Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’ (Do It Yourself Version – Instrumental)

Kurtis basically takes you to Disco heaven on the B-side of his 1979 track ‘Christmas Rappin’ (also know n as ‘Rappin’ Blow’). Hip hop in its infancy.

Rufus & Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good

Slow burning Funk/Soul classic from 1974. Covered by the likes of Lee “Scratch” Perry and Sun City Girls, both of which have been published here on The Sentinel; now it’s time for the original, which was written by Stevie Wonder.

James Brown – Get Up, Get Into it, Get Involved

It’s very difficult to pick a favourite James Brown track; especially when dealing with his 70’s Funk output; but this track is a contender for one of the very best.
This is a personal favourite of mine due to the fact that it was the first proper James Brown track I ever heard*(‘Living In America’ doesn’t count).
I first heard this track on an early radio one Hip-Hop show that I religiously listened to and taped every week. This was 1985 and Hip-Hop and Electro was in full swing but still had that innovative edge (you felt part of the underground for listening to it; graffing was my other B-Boy outlet).
The James Brown tracks stood out among the rest of the modern output; obviously sounding ‘of their time’. however, there was something still fresh and tough about them, and there still is to this day.

The section that kicks in at 3:06 is amazing. The breaks are pure Hip-Hop and the guitar is psychedelic a la Funkadelic.
What a tune. And it’s from 1971.

*It could have been ‘Funky President’ that I first heard; not sure as this was a long time ago.

Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground

This track is an absolute classic and a true Soul/Funk gem. From the very get go and that unbelievable guitar sound, the listener knows that they’re in very, very good hands. From Stevie’s 1973 album ‘Innervisions’.

Material feat. William S. Burroughs – Seven Souls

This number from Bill Laswell’s Psych-Funk project is from the 1989 album of the same name, where Material collaborated with writer Burroughs, who can be heard reading portions of his novel ‘The Western Lands’. Shades of Eno and Byrne’s work, as well as elements of Jon Hassell permeate this, ahem, material.

James Brown – Superbad, Superslick

The minister of super heavy Funk gives the world one of the richest Soul tunes.  This rich 1975 tune is spacious, funky, elegant, yet tough. This is in among  his greatest songs, and that’s not a statement made lightly.  And those backing vocals.

Parliament – Big Bang Theory

We pay tribute to Stephen Hawkins’ union with the cosmos; 1979’s ‘GloryHallaStoopid (Pin The Tale On The Funky)’ by P-Funk kings Parliament.

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