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Moondog – Theme And Variations

A track from the 1953 album ‘Moondog And His Friends’, which, like the majority of Louis Thomas Hardin’s work, is delightful, wistful, and totally ahead/out of his time.


Phil MFU – Marooned On Mercury

Hot space funk* that’s made its way to you from Philadelphia; via Cambridge, London, and (of course) Mercury. This is from Phil’s forthcoming EP titled ‘Hot Sauce’, out in December 2018 on Freaksville Records.

  • with Thomas Broda on drums.

Danielle Dax – The Wheeled Wagon

A journey into the interzone from Dax’s 1983 album ‘Pop-Eyes’.

Strings of Consciousness feat. J.G. Thirlwell – Asphodel

On Strings of Consciousness’s 2007 album ‘Our Moon Is Full’, each song has a guest vocalist, such as Eugene Robinson and Barry Adamson. For this song, they enlisted vocal duties from the one and only Jim Thirlwell, who sounds like he’s still in the mood he was in on the 2005 Foetus album ‘LOVE’.

Current 93 – Invocation of Almost

It has to be stated from very early on that this particular reviewer/blogger/poster/whatever isn’t really a big Current 93 fan. However, there is always something that comes along to grab your attention; especially as the association with Nurse With Wound almost demands it.
This, the opening track to the ‘Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain’ album (2009), is one of those attention grabbers. Hints of eastern-tinged Krautrock outfits such as Popol Vuh and Amon Düül II abound amid TIbet’s poetry.
David Tibet is the driving force and lifeblood behind Current 93; but can also be the stumbling black for many people. Here, he is tolerable. The backing music however, is nothing short of fucking epic!


Danielle Dax – Bed Caves

Entering the interzone with Danielle; off of her 1983 album ‘Pop-Eyes’

Nurse With Wound — Beetle Crawls Across My Back

Really, really great fan-made video to accompany this NWW track (which made it onto the compilation ‘Automating Volume Three) that totally fits into the bands ‘zone’. The track is a menacing piece of Exotica; all wayward tom’s and creeping dread; that has the wonderful Diana Rogerson on fine, fine form. Rogerson doesn’t seem to get the credit awarded to the likes of Dagmar Krause and Diamanda Galas, but we at The Sentinel feel she sits alongside them both.

Sun Araw – Horse Steppin’

Bleached, beached psyche from Cameron Stallone’s second album, 2008’s ‘Beach Head’

Tipsy – Tuatara

Here’s one from Tipsy’s dizzying foray into loungecore plunderphonics, 1996’s ‘Trip Tease’, and one can almost smell the palm tree’s. Lush, lovely intoxicating stuff.

Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel – Satan Place

Imagine if the netherworld was where surfers went to hang ten on rolling waves of lava to a soundtrack to the demon familiars of the Beach Boys. You can’t? Well, this track from the second half of the 1983 album ‘HOLE’ will help you if you’re struggling.

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