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Soft Machine – Dada Was Here

Stunningly beautiful track from the second Soft Machine album, Volume 2 (1969). This one is sung in Spanish and does strange things to the listener. Feelings, feelings, feelings.


The Soft Machine – Moon In June (Peel Session)

One of the Softs classic tracks given the Peel treatment. Robert Wyatt is on top form on this one; with both his vocals and drumming.
This track borrowed heavily from earlier pieces by the band, such as “That’s How Much I Need You Now”, and “You Don’t Remember”. Other vignettes recorded by Wyatt while on holiday in New York state make up the first half of the track. And just for this session we have Wyatt describing the BBC studios as they were at the time of this recording.

Soft Machine – Facelift

After 5 minutes of noodling, the Softs kick in with some typically Canterbury styled Jazz-Rock. This is the opening track to the band’s classic third album, simply titled ‘Third’, where the band get a lot more “serious” than their 2 predecessors, with three slabs of instrumental Canterbury fusion; this being one; offset by the phenomenal ‘Moon In June’, which is a track that is in keeping with the previous 2 albums released by the band. ‘Third’ is definitely impressive, but it really doesn’t have the continuous pull that the first 2 albums sill have to this day; at least for this reviewer. Having said that, this is still a fantastic listen, and check out the section around the 10:25 mark, where an evil tape loop (found in its entirety on the ‘Spaced’ album) is offset by metal clanking; leaving one hankering for it to go on for a lot longer (thanks be to ‘Spaced’).

Henry Cow – Deluge

Scattered, splurges of sparse free Jazz stylings with a hint of chamber music from the UK’s Henry Cow. This is from the brilliant 1974 album ‘Unrest’, which is a dark and austere take on the Canterbury sound.

Soft Machine – Memories

Bittersweet melancholia from an early piece from the Canterbury band*. This was back when Daevid Allen was still in the band; before he flew off in his flying teapot.

*This track was covered by Material (which featured a young Whitney Houston on vocals)

Soft Machine – Slightly All The Time

Softs go full on Jazz fusion after their previous whimsical Psych Rock escapades shocker!!! From their 1970 double album ‘Third’.

Soft Machine – Hope For Happiness

Happy 70th Birthday Robert Wyatt; The Sentinel wishes you the best.

Soft Machine – As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still

Exquisite song about former Softs member Kevin Ayers; from the bands indispensable 1969 album ‘Volume Two’.

Soft Machine – Live in Paris 1970 (Full Concert)

Soft Machine playing the majority of their 1970 album ‘Third’ in Paris. Watch in wonder as Wyatt hits those drums.


1. Facelift
2. Robert Wyatt Vocal Improv: 19:17
3. Esther’s Nose Job: 22:18
4. Eamonn Andrews / Backwards: 33:16
5. Out-Bloody-Rageous: 47:00

Robert Wyatt – Solar Flares

The Sentinel wishes Mr. Wyatt a happy birthday; bringing you a track from his 1975 album ‘Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard’.

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