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Black Dice – Snarly Yow

The opener from the bands 2005 album ‘Broken Ear Record’ set out the stall for their new direction post-drummer; which means busted, whacked out Electro on a serious dose of Psilocybin. Wonder at the mashed-ness of it all.

Butthole Surfers – Graveyard

This is the first version of ‘Graveyard’ to be found on 1987’s ‘Locust Abortion Technician’ (the second can also be found on The Sentinel). This track is like Rock music regressing back to its primordial origins, or its Foetal stage. Paul Leary sprays his Evil-Hendrix geetar all over it while Gibby’s vocals ooze like sludge. Classic. This album is 30 years old….

Wolf Eyes – T.O.D.D

Wolf Eyes ordered their noise somewhat on 2015’s brilliant ‘I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces’ (possibly their finest album yet), which honed its power rather than diluting it; the B Movie Horror feel they have always been so good at delivering has just gotten eerier, which ups the tension. Hints of Butthole Surfers and Throbbing Gristle on this track, as well as the rest of the album. This tune gets a great accompanying video that was directed by Paris-based artist/filmmaker Will Benedict, in collaboration with Copenhagen-based artist Steffen Jørgensen.

Nurse With Wound/Cyclobe – Angry Electric Finger 2 (Part 5)

In the early noughties, Nurse With Wound sent out some raw ingredients to be cooked up by three performers. 1 was Jim O’Rourke, 2nd was, and the 3rd was Cyclobe. The version worked on by this duo seems to travel to a lot more destinations than the other two .* We’re talking about the outer reaches of music, where it becomes pure sound. Anything familiar with either of these acts will know what to expect, and the alliance more than lives up to expectations. This is from 2004.

*however, please check out the version; it’s also wonderful.

The Residents – Lizard Lady

Lysergic cartoon pop from an alternate reality where the hit parade is littered with terrifyingly comic bangers. From their 1978 EP that never was ‘Buster & Glen’.

Butthole Surfers – Graveyard

The second track called ‘Graveyard’ on their 1987 beast of an album, beautifully titled ‘Locust Abortion Technician’. This is much livelier than the 1st version; which sounds like it was recorded on Benzodiazepines. However, it is just as damaged; with Paul Leary’s lysergic guitar blistering and peeling all over the track.

Black Dice – Wastered (Side B)

Wastered was a split EP between Animal Collective and Black Dice. The Dice side is as monged out as one would expect from the band circa 2004. They were really making peak LSD moment music around this time; all Day-Glo terror and retardation.

Renaldo & The Loaf – B.P.M

Treated tape loop madness from Portsmouth’s answer to the Residents. This is from their insane masterpiece, 1980’s ‘Songs For Swinging Larvae’. “Bet you didn’t know today, was such a long time coming”.

Various – Hypnosis Vol. 9 – Guest mix by Graham Dunning

Our very own Graham Dunning in the mix here. Noise, concrete, Techno, and everything in between.

The Heliotropic Lodge – Do Not Listen To This Recording
Dirt & Space (Andrew Leslie Hooker & Graham Dunning) – untitled, unreleased recording
Áine O’Dwyer – The Little Lord of Misrule
Romvelope – Catomountain (Bjorn Hatleskog)
Henry Holmes – Clambake
Charles Hayward / Anonymous Bash – Wrong Again
Dead Neanderthals – Endless Voids (II)
James Joyce – End of part 1 of Finnegan’s Wake, read by the author
Roadside Picnic – Anchor Store Principles (Justin Wiggan)
Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning – untitled, unreleased recording
The London Sound Survey – River Lea Waste Depot (Ian Rawes)
DunningWebsterUnderwood – Pisstwentysift (Colin Webster)
Ian Watson – Only Surface Noise Is Real (cast resin 7″ version)
Kordik Lucas – Bitter Melon (Daniel Kordik / Edward Lucas)
Graham Dunning – Whispers of the Dead Side 2
a.a.s – The Cult of Sonic Affect
a.a.s – The institute of Psychoplasmics, Level 2 & 3

Graham Dunning – Untitled (Live in the Boiler Room for NTS)
LBNHRX – sane
DJ Pierre – What Is House Muzik (Ricardo Villalobos What Is Dub)
Graham Dunning – Ends
Karen Gwyer – Tehe! Blah blah! Shhh!
Justin Paton – Acidwave
Force Dimension – ‘Algorythm’ (Manipulating Mix)
Jeff Mills – 4 Art
The Heliotropic Lodge – In This Ancient Land
Life’s Track – Kick Invasion
Happa – Red Place
Lee Gamble – Motor System (Extension)
Svengalisghost – Hidden Cities
Filter Feeder – The Crunch
Graham Dunning – untitled, unreleased recording
a.a.s – The institute of Psychoplasmics, Level 4

Volcano The Bear – Live At The Brainwaves Festival (18 /11/06)

Leicester’s Volcano The Bear are truly something else live. Everything around you seems to lend itself to the performance. What could be mistakes sound like they were meant to be; what could have been intended sounds like mistakes.

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