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Fille Qui Mousse – Antinomique

Fille Qui Mousse’s sole album, 1972’s ‘Trixie Stapleton 291’, ended up on the infamous Nurse With Wound list. It’s an album that got a lot of people excited as a) it was rare, b) it was European (Hey, let’s see if those French are anything like those crazy Germans) and from the golden era of strange Avant-Rock (1972), and c) it had the Nurse With Wound’s main instigators surname in the album title. Another thing that beefed up this albums rep was the glowing praise it received from the Freeman brothers Audion mag/Ultima Thule record shop mail order list; heralding it as a lost classic akin to Faust (they were very well known for hyperbole mind you). While there are moments of ludicrous strangeness akin to the Wümme masters, it can hardly be compared to their immensity. Some sections of the album however, pack a powerful punch. One of those moments is represented here; a vicious, sizzling avant-folk number performed with what sounds like a violin.


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